The beauty and confidence of perfect make-up without the hassle of application.  Meticulously lined lips, beautiful brows, and glamorous eyes can all be yours permanently!

No more time wasted in the mirror applying and re-applying your makeup only to have it rub off or sweat off during your daily activities. Rochelle Robinson of Jameel Cosmetics now offers permanent make-up!

This procedure mimics the look of hair in the brow line. Add fullness and definition to thin or sparse eyebrows. Light "hairline strokes" of color are implanted to achieve a very natural appearance. Permanent eyebrows frame your eyes nd lend expression to your face. Those with alopecia are grateful for this "face defining" procedure. See our Photo Gallery for more before & after photos.  

Implantation of natural pigments in the lash line creates a subtle natural look. A bold definite line can be created, or additional coloring can create a smudged look. With this procedure you always wake up looking your best. This is the perfect answer for those with allergies, contacts, shaky hand movement, or simply to save time. See our Photo Gallery for more before & after photos.  

  Lip Liner and Color
This procedure can be done so as to give the appearance of changing the size and shape of the lips as well as changing the color. Permanent lips can give more fullness and definition to the mouth, as well as correct an uneven lip line. It can even minimize the appearance of wrinkles and helps to prevent lipstick from bleeding into surrounding skin. Select a soft natural color, or a more dramatic look. See our Photo Gallery for more before & after photos.  

  Areola Restoration
For aesthetic balancing following mastectomy or radiation treatment.

Facial Scar Camouflage
The facial scars of many burn survivors can be camouflaged beautifully with this procedure.

Ms. Robinson is pleased to perform services on site for physicians.

  • People with allergies to conventional makeup
  • Persons who are physically unable to apply their own make-up
  • Burn survivors and people with flaws in their skin
  • People who are tired of the hassle of daily make-up application

  • Is it painful? The procedure is similar to tattooing, except that this permanent makeup does not go through as many dermal layers as tattoos... thus making it less painful. Although everyone's pain sensitivity varies, the use of topical anesthetics results in very little discomfort.
  • How long does it take? Although the length of procedures may vary, as well as the number of visits required, most procedures generally take approximately 1-1/2 hours.
  • May I choose the colors? Of course. Keep in mind that the final color is a combination of your skin's natural tone and the natural pigment that is implanted during the procedure. Ms. Robinson will assist you in selecting the colors so that your end result is one that enhances your look and natural coloring.
  • How long is the recovery? There will probably be slight swelling and redness of the skin which go away quickly. Normal activities may be resumed immediately after the procedure. Full healing and final results are not realized for at least two weeks.
  • What kind of ink is used? Permanent make-up is done with natural pigments, which are implanted into the very top layers of the skin. Pigments used in permanent cosmetics have an extensive record of safety. Used in both medical and artistic fields for over 20 years, their safety is undisputed. No ink is used in this procedure.
  • Consultation: It is important to discuss your lifestyle and expectations with your technician prior to having permanent cosmetics.
  • Immediately following application: The procedures result in visible redness, some swelling, and occasional bruising. The application of ice to the area can help reduce these symptoms.
  • Up to one week after application: Most swelling and tenderness will be gone. There will be peeling of the skin and sloughing off of the pigment trapped in the epidermis. As the skin heals, the color will continue to change for the next few weeks.
  • Two months following application: Healing is complete. You may add to or adjust your procedure to suit your lifestyle. The application of sunscreen and good sun sense will help preserve your makeup for years to come.

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